Who we are

The Dutch healthcare system is frequently identified as one of the best in the world. The humanized care and managerial efficiency of human and financial resources are recognized by the WHO as outstanding factors.

De Praktijk Index - or DPI, was born out of this context. The Dutch company works with information technology for healthcare and has been supporting hospitals and other healthcare organizations for more than ten years.

Reflex is the company’s main product and it holds 25% of the market in the Netherlands. DPI is also active in Belgian and German markets and has now begun expanding to markets outside the EU with its simple and innovative offering.

Besides its operations in coding and data analysis, DPI also aids in the interpretation of the data outcomes.

Management Team

André van der Veen

Pieter-Frank van Boven

Els Keesman

Contact us for a demonstration or a proposal It is relatively easy to practically test Reflex in your hospital. We can provide the required format in which the discharge data of your hospital can be imported into Reflex. The initial data processing takes up to two months and presents the risk profile of the institution. After the initial processing, monthly updates with the most recent data will be performed.